Nearby Churches

To help you locate a church to worship at on Sunday mornings, we can help coordinate carpools to churches on our email list the first few weeks of the semester. If you want a ride to a church that no students are currently attending, let Pastor Stephen know and he might be able to work something out.

Sorted by proximity to campus.
Contact us if you need a ride.

Mosaic is a medium sized independent church with excellent preaching about 1 mile from campus across the street from Arlington High School – they have a comfortable college feel with a bonus of coffee provided.

Revive Church is a medium sized church, formerly independent but now part of the Assemblies of God about 1.5 miles east of campus – this is a young new church.

Calvary is a large-sized church with a contemporary feel based in Irving, TX with a local Sunday service hosted at Arlington Music Hall 1.5 miles from campus

The Grace Place
large-sized church with a diverse community in south Arlington near the airport, about 7 miles from campus